Why are there women on here who don't have children/babies, who aren't trying to conceive, who don't want children any time soon yet are commenting on posts being rude AF? I don't understand... anonymous bc of one in particular... 
Lol I am "chill" I just didn't really know what forum to post this under, sorry if it seemed like I was super upset. I was just wondering.  Secondly, Thank y'all for answering my question. I didn't realize there were other purposes for this app. Granted, it still doesn't give anyone the right to be rude on subjects that don't pertain to them. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but putting down people and calling them names for things that were their choice like this one woman did is just not very polite. She had no experience on the subject she was being rude about was my initial point. But again thank you for clarifying that this site has multiple purposes.