Was it weird for this dad to say this?

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So I was in Target looking at the makeup when this dad to the right of me is trying to wrangle his two kids while the mom is on the phone a little ways away. One is a baby in a stroller & the other is a little girl probably around 2-3 years old. His voice was raised pretty loud so it was hard to not overhear him. It goes like this:
*kid starts to run away from the cart*
Dad: Honey, stay by the cart! Stay by the cart! You stay right here. If you run off, someone will snatch you and RAPE you. Stay with Daddy."Β 
I was like 😳😳😳😳 Who says to their little daughter that they're going to get raped if they don't obey? Like, I get him wanting his kid right beside him. Totally get that. But why was it necessary to say that the reason to stay near him was because she'd be "snatched and raped". 

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