badly infected ear piercing- 5 months pregnant

I got an orbital piercing 2 months before I got pregnant. It was healing nicely, but slowly because all thick cartilage piercings take a while. Then I got pregnancy, developed keloids, and it's super swollen. I can touch the site without pain but touching/ moving the piercing in any way hurts. I've tried warm packs, cleaning it with soap, and even salt water soaks. Nothing is draining from the site. Just those little crusties. I've also been reading online that you shouldn't remove it because it would trap the infection. Im very concerned about the infection reaching my little one. The pain and swelling have gotten worse since my last prenatal. And I'm not sure if I want to wait for my next appointment. And I'm not even sure what to ask my doctor! For antibiotics or for him to help me safety remove my piercing (if that's even a thing?). ANY ADVICE WOULD BE VERY HELPFUL