I did it


I made the first step to get back on my feet. I turned in a application for housing authorities (government assistance housing) so that I can be in a town near my mother and so that I can get a job while she helps with my daughter until I can get her into daycare or school. I have another on the way say I have to set up daycare for this one as well. But I'm trying. The next steps include part time school and part time job while learning so I can get my permit And Then my licence.

My dad bought my sister and brother both their first car and he said he will buy me one if i I get my licence and get into school. (Something he knows I'm passionate about but never had the push to do so)

I want a career path that helps others without dealing with needles and blood. I honestly don't know what I can do because I have chronic depression and "some signs of PTSD"

My therapist will be so proud of me. I'm just so scared of what's to come next. I dont know how I can plan a good future when my present is worse than my past.