husband has a pain pill addiction & I am two months pregnant.

About a year ago I found out my husband had been struggling with taking pain pills.  When I caught him, he said he wouldn't take them anymore.  Then again I caught him by checking his phone one night and  Then we came up with a new plan that we would take all his cards and access to money away.  Block all of his dealers and  he would over come it on his own.  He came clean that he was spending over 800.00 a month on pills.  Eventually he bullied me into giving his access back and I gave in.  Then I found out I was pregnant just over a month ago.  As far as I had known he was clean until a few days ago when I again checked his phone and found out about the pills.  
I am pregnant now so things are so different.  I am not thinking about just me anymore.  I told him that he needs help and the only way I would take him back is if he checks himself in to get professional help. 
He stayed at a hote last night, I haven't talked to him since.  I am scared.  I never wanted kids before I met him, I was afraid of being a single mom and raising a child without a father.  I think he will choose to not be with us.   He asked me to abort the child and he would give me 50,000, I of course said no.   I don't know what to do.  I guess I am just looking for advise.  Please be kind, I am very fragile right now.