Feeling down

My baby is almost 8 weeks and I just feel like I'm getting more and more unhappy. He is attached to me constantly, if I put him down he cries. He doesn't nap during the day for longer than a half hour and keeps me up all night. Im so exhausted. I always think I can't do this. He was planned I love him, I wanted him forever. We tried for almost a year. I feel like a bad mom, I find myself saying stuff I'm happy he can't understand basically. He is just so fussy and needy, more than other people's babies and I wonder if I'm even equipped I deal with this. Everyday my SO tells me I'm doing a great job, but I'm not. I resent my little baby at times, the little live of my life. I don't even think he needs me. My mom comes over and the way she is with him, she's so sweet. I feel like she wants him, I feel judged by her for the littlest things. " That outfits too small" "Put a hoodie on him" like I know what I said about but I would not let my child be cold or uncomfy or not taken care of. I feel useless. What's the point in me being here if someone else thinks they can just do a better job. I barely eat since having him, I have stomach problems constantly. I feel like me and my SO are going to fall apart, he promises me we won't but I don't even want sex and how and when can I do that? When the baby is crying? I just don't see this getting better or easier, I want to disappear.

From the mom typing through tears with a baby ripping himself off her breast, exhausted and sleep deprived.