So me and my husband had a huge blowup the other night. When I got home from work the other night my husband was laying in bed playing on the tablet, he was kind of giving me the cold shoulder and silent treatment (wasnt sure why) I tried to talk to him about diaper bags/my mom and he was pretty uninterested. He gets up with the tablet and goes to the bathroom, he stays in there for like an hour (I'm getting frustrated at this point) he comes out, goes to the laundry room and does a load of laundry, asks if everything is okay and tells me to go to bed.... he goes back in the bathroom and locks the door! At this point I'm furious, 45 mins go by and im fuming! I walk by the door and just go off bc he was masturbating (while I'm laying in the room next to him) I literally got so upset that I lose it! When we have sex it literally only lasts for like 90 seconds (seriously) there's no four play, nothing, he gets to orgasm and I'm left with nothing but he can dedicate that much time to porn? I asked him why he didn't come have sex with me and he bluntly says he didn't feel like having sex with me which completely hurt my feelings and I instantly felt rejected, unwanted, uninteresting to my husband. I'm 6 months pregnant with twins and I'm already not feeling the best about myself 😕 I watch porn but definitely not when he's in the house but he says it's the same thing and that i have no grounds to be upset. What are your thoughts?