has this happened to anyone or is something wrong??

I'm 28 weeks, I thought something was seriously wrong last night... I woke up around 5 or 6 in the morning because I was trying to change sides I was sleeping on. I go to turn and there was a pain so strong in my stomach I couldn't even move. I tried to get out of bed mutiple times and the pain was so bad if I moved a inch in would shoot in a thousand directions all over my lower body. when I finally pushed myself through the pain I stood up and the pain was worse when I stood up. my stomach was hard as a rock. I walked around to push myself through it. I went pee and then I went to lay back in bed and the pain went away. I haven't felt it sense. idk if it was maybe her laying on some nerves? or her balled up in one spot? or if it was because it had to pee or it was gas? but it was so painful..... I woke up this morning and she's moving around good so I know she's okay but what the hell was that