First of congratulations to all u ladies on ur positives

First of congratulations to all u ladies on ur positives!!! And to all the ones u are still trying don't give up I didn't Iam 34 bout to b 35 and been trying for a yr already and I never gave up.... I have faith don't loose hope and faith it can happen!!!!!
or the past week I have been feeling tired sleepy sore breast and something like cramping like ur ovulating but have been past that so I decided to take a pregnancy test Iam always irregular didn't have my hopes up I had 2 etopic pregnancies and one miscarriage didn't want to get excited so 3 days ago I took clear blue test and said I was but u can bearly see the fainted line so didn't pay attention so yesterday I took first response digital and said no and this morning I took a regular test from first response and it looks pretty clear to me that I see 2 lines deep inside I want to get excited but deep down I don't want to suffer no more. But thank u god for blessing me if Iam !!!!!