Feeling like I can relax

Amanda • DS 4/11, DS2 3/16 after 3 CP 6/13, 7/14, 1/15 and 1 MC 3/15
I have one child, who is almost 4. For two years now we have been TTC #2 with no success. I've had 3 CP in that time and was losing hope. I I had a CP last cycle and got pregnant again this cycle. I'm taking progesterone suppositories and have to inject myself daily with blood thinners, but to see this, it gives me hope. My past tests were never more than squinters. With my last loss, my HCG only got to 17.
I'm 4w1d. Top test is yesterday, bottom is today. I never thought this would happen again for me and I'm so overjoyed. I just had to share.