I feel so spoiled with my periods now

⚪Hula👶👶👶 • left glow for a break. I may come back as some point but for now its taking too much of my time

After years of tortured periods I went on the pill 5 months ago! I am now almost pain free. No pain a couple midol menstrual can't take care of. I am able to function and keep my plans. When people ask me how I am. (Just casual how are you's) I feel like yelling into a megaphone that I am doing great and I'm having a great period! Since it would be inappropriate to tell the majority of the people who ask me how I am what I'm actually wanting to say. I'll just say it to you and a couple of my closest friends ☺ the ones who held my hair while I used to vomit my guts out sitting on public bathroom floors trying not to faint.

Consider the pill if you have terrible life pausing pain. I didn't actually believe my doctor when he was encouraging me to try it. But my desperation for relief took over my skepticism and I accepted the prescription and gave it a try.

Thank you for reading my period brag 🙋