TTC again after 2 MC!

TNG • Married. 3 yr old daughter, 3 month old son.
So I'm back on the baby making train.. I had my first MC in January of 2014. Then had my second almost a year later this past December. I have a 2 year old daughter who I had October 2012. I gave up for awhile this past time thinking I really didn't even want to have another baby anymore. But the more time goes by the more I want my daughter to have atleast one sibling. So here I am. It's my fertile week, most fertile day being the 7th. Ive had two cycles since and I'm ready to try this month! I don't take ovulation tests or anything special like that. I just take my temp and have good old fashion sex! Anyone else have two MC after having one successful pregnancy? Anyone had 2 and then had a healthy pregnancy after? My doctor felt there was nothing to be concerned about at this time so unfortunately I have nothing to be prepared for this time around! Possibly looking for any advice or a buddy who has a similar story as mine!!