I'm a 15 year old girl. I recently lost my virginity on the 20th of Febuary. When we had sex, yes I was on my period & no the condom did not break. He's not even sure if he came or pre came although he's pretty sure he didn't plus I'm on birth control but didn't take it for about 2 weeks because I needed a new shipment. My refill came in the next day & I began taking them as normal. The next day, 21st of Febuary, I continued to be on my period & I was about to be off. I whipped & it was a grey red & brown color. A few days later I got constipated & I still continue to see the blood I explained earlier whenever I wipe after using the restroom. I'm wondering if I should be worried. I have a blood disease & I'm also anemic so I have irregular periods & I take a lot of iron supplements plus I started my birth control back up. Do you think I got constipated & the continual bathroom surprises because the hormone change & the iron? My iron has made me constipated once before about a year ago & I always have a very dark surprise when I wipe if I'm getting off my monthly