TTCing young rant..

Okay, so i'm wanting to know if i'm the only one who gets annoyed when this is said: 'If you want to TTC young you just need to support it, have enough money and family support then you're good!' 
Like, no. There's so much more that goes into it than that. Yeah, maybe you think you make enough making 9$ an hour working at Pizza Hut, but it's not. Couples who make a total of 24$ together still struggle. And the whole 'Well, there's still WICC and food stamps!' argument.. Don't you feel bad that you can't pay for your child's own food? That doesn't count as providing for your child, because everyone else is. That comes from taxes. If you purposefully have children knowing you'll have to use food stamps, you're kind of abusing the system. Even if you don't use those things and your parents pay for food, don't you feel bad that they have another (expensive) mouth to feed? 
And why do you want to have kids so young? You can't go party. You can't go to things and have fun as much as you want. You can't take a baby to a roller skating rink or to a club. 
And what about school? It's harder to get jobs if you're a highschool drop out. Even harder if you don't have your GED. What about college? Don't you want to further your education so that you can give your child the best life that you can? So that you make enough and you don't have to worry about money or about losing your job at McDonalds or Wal-Mart? 
What about in 10 years? Do you still see yourself doing the same things you are now? You'll still be buying them things and dealing with them. 
Babies aren't all smiles and laughter. They cry, poop 24/7, eat a lot. And okay, maybe you lose some sleep, but there's more than that. You also have to dress and bathe them. Multiple times a day sometimes. You have to take them to the doctor's appointments. Buy them clothes, toys, etc. Even more. 
And what happens if your child has a genetic disorder or a problem that you're not equipped to handle? Can you deal with it if your child has down syndrome or diabetes or needs special care or something? 
And relationships are less likely to last if you're younger and not married. Do you know if your SO is really grown up enough fo that? 
I just really think it's better to wait in my opinion.. I don't see with all these reasons why you'd still do it.