Is love possible at a young age? >please read first

Im gonna be 15 in a few days...ive been dating my boyfriend who's 17 for 5 months now....i was wondering is it possible to love someone at a young age (relationship type)...we're not sexually active at all....I'm not ready at all for anything of that never mind not very interested in that kind of stuff at my age...he said he'd wait years for me. We give each other are space, he knows his limites, we treat each other as if we we're friends...i know he's not much to look at (at lease thats what all my friends say sadly)...but i dont care, we both LOVE soccer, music(mostly him lol), adore going outdoors(other then during winter) we're high class gamers 👾🎮, action movies all the way(i still make him watch chick flicks lol)
I know this message isnt quite what you expected and very long, sorry...but i am very curious if i could be in love with him...

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