Can this day get any worse?

So my day started off with hubby's alarm going off 3 times this morning starting around 5ish. Then we got an email from our attorney about 37$ that we must pay or get charged with contempt by the psycho ex and retarded judge. 
Well I went to my follow up appt for my extremely dry and itchy skin...think laying in a bed of fire ants all day itchy. Had morning sickness so bad I nearly puked on the nurse 😂 because she wouldn't let me go puke until after she weighed me. My dr gave me allergy meds and creme for the itchiness. Doesn't seem to bad?
Then I went to do my 16 week labs plus my 1hr glucose test. Well after my hr of waiting to draw labs after that nasty drink (heads up to those that haven't done your glucose test yet) I finally got my labwork done. Then 4hrs later I get a call from my OB that I have gestational diabetes. Yep you read that right. I guess on the plus side it was caught now and not in 4-8 weeks. Now I have to meet with the nutritionist to discuss diet and diabetes. 
Now I want to make dinner, but DH froze all the meat we bought last night! Ugh can this day get any worse?