TWW day by day

Tanya • Baby #1 coming this Nov!
Hi all! I'm 10dpo and just got my BFP. So thought I'd share my symptoms with you who are all trying. 
Dpo1: sore throat, obvious Cramping in right ovary.
Dpo2: sore throat, nipples sore and erect. EXHAUSTION and hungry! 
Dpo3: sore throat, sinus, nipples sore and leg pain in right leg that felt like growing pains, exhaustion and hungry
Dpo4: same as above, restless leg syndrome at night. Really tired and Hungry.
Dpo5: sore throat gone, nipples erect,  constipated. Hungry. 
Day 6 - 8: nipples sensitive, smelly diarrhea (tmi, sorry!) SUPER TIRED and eating everything I can see.  Boobs starting to get sore. Sensitive to smells. 
Day 9: Hungry, a little tired. Nothing else really. Faint BFP but I think it could be a dye stain. Later tests are all blank. Breasts ARE ACHING! 
Day 10: Faint BFP with FMU. Extremely sore breasts. Sensitive to smells. 
Good luck girls! I'm praying for a smooth pregnancy from here and that my faint BFP becomes darker but I have full faith that it will!