4month old too young for CIO?! Help


I'm in need of some advice my LO is 4 months old and we have a great bedtime routine bath at 630 then nurse and cuddles then at 7pm I usually rock her to sleep and put her down in her pack and play where she'll sleep until I dream feed at 11pm and she'll sleep until about 3am wake for a feed then wake up for the day at 7am... So I guess I'm not complaining about night time but she doesn't nap very well at all.. If I'm lucky she'll sleep for 30 minutes after laying her down.. Only way she will sleep for longer than that is if I'm holding her, as soon a i lay her down she's up sometimes even before I leave the room.. I want to start getting her used to going to bed on her own and self soothing, is she too young for this?

Ive told. My partner from day one I'd never do CIO, my whole family swears by it but I did try it today and OMG was it difficult... After about an hour of crying (on and off.. She would settle for about 10 minutes then start up again) I would do the checks at 3 then 5 minutes I couldn't bring myself to let her cry for 10 minutes straight because I'm not truly sure this is the method for me but I finally just gave in and comfort nurse I guess more for me than her but before she even finished she was out like a light.. Super overtired I'm assuming, anyway I'm a FTM and in need of some advice...please no negative comments I know it's a learning process