How long to wait to test after AF is missed?

Jennifer • SAHM of 2 💗💗 navigating life
Hey ladies!
Currently TTC #1, 13 DPO and AF due to arrive tomorrow 3/8. This cycle and symptoms feel so much different than what I'm used to! Usually I have horrible lower abdominal cramps, and sensitive breasts, combined with morning nausea for 3 days before AF arrived. This month, symptoms started 6 days before(very sore breasts, nausea that lasts all day, hot and cold flashes, pulling and tightening on my lower back, pulling and stretching of the lower abdomen, indigestion and very mild lower cramps, nothing like I'm used to). I'm thinking that I'm just excited and hoping and wishing that this is my month, and I might be imagining it. If AF does not show up tomorrow, how long should I wait to test, to ensure it will be the most accurate? I really don't want to be disappointed. I don't usually get too emotional when AF does show up, but I feel like this month will be a major letdown. Any advise is appreciated! 😊