False positive with clear blue digital?

Hello everyone!!

According to my lmp I am 6 weeks and 4 days pregnant today. Yesterday was my first official bfp using clear blue digital. I am so over the moon about it!! After getting excited and going to share my news, I came across some ladies talking about their heartache after receiving a false positive using clear blue digital. I thought, "there's no way..." but couldn't shake the idea so this afternoon I picked up a 2 pack of first response tests to put my mind at ease. I held it for like 4.5 hours and to my utter disappointment, it was a bfn=(

This has certainty not put my mind at ease...and my doctors appointment isn't until the 16th=( has anyone else ever experienced this or am I looking too much into this? Ugh I hope my hcg just wasn't concentrated enough this afternoon, ill be testing again in the morning -.-