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Need a place to vent right now ... My DS is 4 months old & got up at 230 to feed. Normally no problem and he goes back to sleep. (I have low supply issues & dealing with clogged ducts) so I had to make a bottle after he ate what he could breastfeeding ... Again usually fine and falls asleep. I was literally falling asleep feeding him. And then I was holding him, falling asleep and he is just staring, half hour later he falls asleep. AS SOON AS I PUT HIM DOWN he wakes up of course.

I got so upset, still am, I am exhausted and he thinks it's time to play. Usually cute, but with the time change I am way too tired for this!

Finally at 430 my idk ex or not bf finally gets up hearing me sobbing and tries swinging him in his car seat to get him to sleep ... Nope! 5 AM and my DS takes another bottle. Ugh I just miss sleep the most out of everything after having my son. And don't get me wrong I love him to pieces and he is the best thing that has happened to me but damn!

Thank you in advanced, seriously needed to vent or I could see myself screaming! Hopefully good night now ...