Today I went in for my monthly check up I'm 22w3d and since I was about 12 weeks I've been considered high risk due to high blood pressure although when I come home and check my bp it's never high. I had to switch doctors because I changed my insurance and the only I doctor I could find that would accept me at 15 weeks and also my insurance I hate. Today they checked my weight I was 150lbs the nurse started to tell me I gained 10 pounds in one month which I knew wasn't true because at 12 weeks I was just 145 and at my first appointment at my other doctor I was just 143 then she told me I couldn't have a vaginal birth because my weight gain would cause me to have a bigger baby. My doctor comes in and the first thing she tells me is you have the highest risk pregnancy I've ever had. She goes on to tell me I have protein in my urine and I could cause a miscarriage or a preterm labor. Lastly she waits until we are in the front where they schedule follow up appointments that I have a uti. I do understand she has to make me aware of the risk but it's not a conversation we have to have every appointment also after looking it up I found it's normal to have protein in your urine when you have an uti and when you're pregnant period. I feel like she is stressing and scaring me for no reason she's unprofessional, insensitive and has horrible interpersonal skills. I want to change doctors but I feel like I'm stuck.