"Morning" (all day) sickness... HELP

Mariah • Baby #2 :)
I am at 7 wks. I heard the heartbeat last week at 125 (normal) and saw the little peanut in the ultrasound. 
I have been gagging and not being able to eat anything from this nausea. My OB prescribed diclegis- knocked me out solid and I would wake up when it wore off (that wasn't much help). Now I am taking zofran once a day. My nausea feels very suppressed and I am still miserable throughout the day. I cannot eat anything and I am still drowsy.
 I am a teacher on spring break right now and I am very nervous how I am going to go back to work with nausea this bad and medication that makes me so tired. The nausea is sending me back and forth to the bathroom and I teach Special Ed I can't just drop everything and run to the bathroom. 
It's becoming a little bit depressing, I thought this was going to be such a fun and exciting time and right now I'm so miserable I start to think if I made a mistake (I WOULD NEVER have an abortion). It's just so hard to go through day after day being so sick and waking up sick and not wanting to eat anything... Ever. Or enjoy going out to do stuff with friends or family.
Even though I haven't told anyone but our parents, everyone suspects bc of how sick I am.
I can't eat another piece of ginger flavored anything or chew on anymore ice. All the sugar from sprite gives me a headache and water makes my nausea worse. I found an electrolyte water from whole foods that I can tolerate to drink without it tasting awful. I also have sea bands.
What else can I do??? 
Does anyone else have it this bad? If so, when did it stop for you? I am at 7wks now.