How do you feel about animals being chained up?

So, I went past my neighbors house today. And his dog is chained up to a tree. It was raining and cold outside,so whenever we went by he was wet and shivering. You can tell he was an older dog. His head was down like he was sad and he just sat there didn't move when we went by. I cried so much because I can't stand seeing animals getting treated bad. Not saying this dog is abused because he looks well fed. But I see this dog often and it just breaks my heart. You could just tell it's miserable and that it probably doesn't get to run around like a lot of animals. I really don't care what the situation is, unless if the dog is extremely mean. But I still feel like the dog shouldn't be tied up for the reason of his life. I feel like every dog or animal should be free. And like I said if it's mean then it should be in a fenced in yard. A animal shouldn't be tied up at all. It should have love and attention not just a bowl of food and water with a small house. I don't know why, but my heart is just big on animals and it just gets me when I see a animal in a horrible life.😔💔