My bf and I have been dating for almost 3 months now. We go to different schools and he is only an he away from me and he started vacation last weekend. And so we had planned a ski trip together for last weekend (we've been planning it for over a month) but he made plans with his friend to go skiing with him so I said it was fine that weekend and he promised we could go this weekend. We were suppose to be leaving tonight but yesterday he told me he had apparently made plans on New Years that he forgot about till now about visiting his friends at WVU for the weekend. I was so upset because this weekend meant everything to me and I was going to tell him I think I'm falling in love with him but now that can't happen. He doesn't even care that I'm upset and got angry at me for being upset. He didn't even have the decency to tell me he was ditching me in person he did it over text.  He didn't even apologize for ditching me. He just got so angry with me for being upset and blamin me. But It's so unfair he yells at me every time I'm upset and just puts me down. And then he believes he is self entitled to just go look thro my phone anytime he wants to snoop around and that I can't hang out with any of my guy friends  alone or even talk to them and that I can't hang up the phone without saying goodbye but he can do that to me. Like he can be so sweet sometimes and that's the person I wanna be with. I just idk what to do please help