Help with my struggle.

I been in a relationship about almost five years old. We have a beautiful almost four year old. At the beginning of our relationship it was wonderful. He was the most caring, sweetest and loving. But everything change. I truly love this man, and it hurts to think a future without him. But lately I will ask him something and he will be like 'shut up' or 'your so annoying' and tell me off. Or when we get into arguments he will tell I ruin his life, or insult me about my weight. But when he is in a good we have an awesome time. He makes me laugh like no other. But I'm starting to realize I can't take it anymore. I came with more confidence into the relationship than now. Today is when I realized the end might be near. I asked him a question and he told me off. And then he asked if I been looking for apartments and I answered him with this : "Why should I? Why should we keep moving forward? What's the difference between here and where we move? I don't get why you wanna move forward with this relationship. You treat me worst that if I was dog. If you don't love me tell me now. I don't deserve this." and he stood quiet. He didn't say anything until he left for work. The only thing he said was about something unrelated to my questions. I don't want to lose my family, but most important I don't want to lose myself. I truly don't know what to do.