Daughter of divorced parents.

Karla • Being better.

Hey! I'm a daughter of divorced parents.

I'm here because I would like to give my point of view of this separation.

At first, it hurted as hell. It was too hard watching dad moving out. I didn't understand it because I was too young. Now that I'm older, I see that that was for the best. I continue seeing my father and I appreciate so much to my mother for being the best mother ever and raising up my brother and me.

The point of this is not telling you my hole story, just asking you, like mothers to be the greatest mothers for your children. -I'm doing this because I have a friend that has divorced parents too and her mother is too rude against boys.-

But what does being a great mother implies?

Well it implies -in case that the divorce was rude- that you have to stop hating men, maybe you are angry at this moment and you don't realize that you have children and they learn EVERYTHING! So if you say "All the men are the same, they are the worst" your children are going to believe that.

If you have a daughter, please, let her meet boys! Let her have boyfriends, so she is going to know what does she likes and what not. Remember that they are growing up, they have to fall down sometimes to learn.

Of course being a great mother is not just that, but I think that this is important in this moment.

Keep being as strong and beautiful as you are.