Crying myself to sleep

Kasey • 30 years old, mother of 3 year old girl, and ready to try for another.
I'm not sure what's wrong, but it hurts so much. I've been on birth control for the last 7 years and have been perfectly fine. I stopped it at the end of February, (TTC) had my usual post NuvaRing period, and ever since then I've been hurting. Lower back pain constantly, and the worst is sex. It hurts terribly now, and feels even worse after. Sounds crazy, but it feels like someone is reaching up my ass and crushing my left ovary, along with most of my uterus. I cannot move, stand, or walk. I fear it is endometriosis. Going to try to get into the doctor soon, (we are between insurances, as my husband has just started a new job) I want to conceive so badly, but how in the hell can I ask my husband to make love to me, just to have to listen to me cry myself to sleep afterwards?