Held my tongue

Held my tongue long enough. You know I never though it would ve like this in a relationship. I'm not allowed to have personal time, no guy friends, no social life, no side jobs, no anything. He has this thing he's so stuck on taking care of me, I don't want him to. I'd rather be independent. It's been hella boring and he said I was boring him,so I hung up the phone. Oh, this is a ldr, we're in the phone everyday, I wanted to break from that today, instead, I get the opposite. Instead, I'm being laid out because I didn't want to talk, I didn't want to talk, I haven't veen feeling well, not eating, barely sleeping, headache for 2 weeks, I just don't feel like being bothered with. Why doesn't he get that. I don't get a, hope you feel better, I get the pep talk of being energetic. My iron dropped and is below where it's supposed to be. He hasn't been supportive of anything I do because he says it's always about me, but made me quit doing hair as a beautician to make ends meet on my end. I've been struggling ever since, yet help him wih his business like I have a choice of anything right now. I just wanted to rest, I'm drained and tired, no talking, no anything. Didn't see a purpose to argue or confrontation because he was already cussing and getting loud, I don't have time for it, so I hung up once it got quiet. I'm tired of it, I'm so tired of it all.