how do you deal with

Cutting a sibling off. I use to be close with my sister but she has changed into a spiteful person since college. She is now a single mother of three and I have completely gave up my life for three years and watch her kids every single day so she can work while I also work and have summer college classes, I do not mind doing this because I love my niece's and nephews but she feels it's my responsibility and I always tell her I help because I love them not because I have to, well today she crossed the line. We were in the car and my almost two year old niece threw up and she was screaming awfully at her and saying things she should've never say especially since the baby can't control, I told her it's enough and the baby didn't want to puke I'm sure. We got into this huge fight and while she was driving she ended up grabbing my hair, punching me so hard my arm is swollen, and bruised and pushed my head up against the window. 
I am done. She has put me through hell for three years for continually taking her children around a physically and mentally abusive man so much that my nephew was extremely quiet for half of his life because of the damage and I am just done with all her shit after putting her hands on me. If any of you have ever cut off a toxic sibling, how did you stay away. Thank you for the advice prior