Not So Cold Feet, Cold Feet

So i need some help trying to see if i'm crazy, tripping, or anything of that sort about my thoughts on calling the wedding/relationship off. firstly, my fiancé is super naggy about talking to me throughout the day like if we're are texting and then i go an hour or so without responding (keep in mind i work and go to school everyday of the week, no days off) but i'll be busy and once i respond then he'll text me like 7 times back to back thinking i'm completely free and i don't respond after that then he will text "wyd?" then call. like give me a chance to let you know what i'm doing. i know that's not that big of a deal but just wait until i get more into it. 
then idk like he's super anal about everything and tells me i'm perfect like all the time, i mean yea it's a compliment in a way but yet and still it became a everyday thing and just the way i am i feel like he's setting me to a standard that i will never get to because won one on this earth is perfect like i'm not God, so that makes a really uncomfortable. 
but lastly because i don't want this to be too long i feel as though you need to be okay with being single and happy with yourself before you bind your life with someone else like you can't make it seem like without life without me. i feel like there is a difference between the two like knowing who you are as a person before marriage and solely depending on a person to figure it all out for you. and i feel like that's too much for me too take over plus in hindsight i feel like i've been basing all of my desisions off of making him happy, that's just how i am. i've always been a people pleaser but once into ok that our if the equation i was like dang i really don't even want this. any advice, please ? 
ooooh i almost forgot, so i told him about how i've been feeling and anyone who is in a relationship, wether married or dating know that the number one rule is "when things are going wrong, never go to your parents about what's going on, keep them out" because parents will start forming there own opinions about your significant other. but yea he went i his mom about the topic and that made me really angry considering that fact that i had already told him that before he and i had gotten into an argument in the last and yet and still he did it idk that just made me really upset. because that makes me think that every time we disagree you're gonna run to your mom.