Menstrual Cup User PSA

To all the menstrual cup users that feel the need to advertise on every single post: please stop. It's annoying. We know how it affects the environment, our wallets, and our bodies. We take responsibility for all of that cause we're old enough to make those decisions. If those of us that use pads and tampons want to use the menstrual cup, then we will. We don't need someone commenting on every period-related discussion telling us how great cups are, how much better you think it is, etc. If I'm thinking about switching, then I'll google reviews or ask around. So, kindly, leave us in peace. Thank you. 
EDIT: I've been reading the comments and I understand what some of you mean by giving suggestions to people that seem to need the help. But oftentimes, some of the women that suggest cups are pushing the idea on other people, or bashing other period products, or doing something else that's bothersome. All I'm saying is, if I need another opinion on cups, I'll simply ask for it. I don't need someone to mention it on every last period product discussion. Yeah, cups are helpful for some, but they're not some life changing products like a lot of women here make them to be. If I need help deciding or advice, then I'll ask, and so will other women. If women were doing the same advertisement with tampons and pads, then I'd say the same thing. No, I'm not being grumpy or closed-minded. I'm simply addressing it because it's a common trend in this community.