purposely not posting your pregnancy on social media

Anyone else not want to post their pregnancy on social media or let family members or friends post about it either. I just fell like people really use your pregnancy to get likes and  comments. I've told family and my boyfriend has told his too and his uncle was like oh can I post about it, can I tell extended family. Idk. Then people get really crazy and it's all they want to talk about with you. I see all the time people post "tell that baby to come out we wanna meet them now" and I get it they're excited but if it were my baby I'd be like the baby is coming when they're ready. Then another girl I know had her baby and a couple weeks later took a picture of her and her boyfriend out eating and the first comment was like "where's your baby" like come on. Obviously they're with family and this couple wanted to go out together to bond.