Kissing your SO, who just kissed your leaky child?


First off, when I say "leaky" I mean they're slobbering, snotty, or drooling. Possibly with various other debris like food mixed in there, as children tend to have.

Some people don't kiss children directly on the lips, like me for example. Nothing about my son's drool and milk breath struck me as "I want to put my mouth on that" when he was a baby. Idc how cute he is 😂 and I know I'm not alone. Kudos to you if you can do it and no shame to anyone. I just can't handle it and I'm a RT. Meaning I deal with snot often, but when I see my sister wipe her daughter's snot off and immediately smooch her it gets me every time. 😷😖

☞But what about your SO? Would you kiss your SO after they recently kissed a less than dry baby on the mouth?

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