My experience with subchorionic hemorrhage (& why I feel better now)[warning:photo of blood]

I'm not sure if sharing my experience will help anyone out, but I know that when I was in the throws of this, reading other people's experience really helped me.  I'm also willing to answer any questions, please feel free to ask. I just want to reassure you all and make sure you know it's okay to talk about the scary stuff and still feel uplifted!
This story will absolutely be a million types of TMI so if you are squeamish, I would caution you!   
On Wednesday, I was at home bed, sweating because the air was on very low and summer's the worst.  I was also masturbating (told you TMI) I have been super horny since around the 10 weeks mark and after getting there (mind you, without penetration, I went to the bathroom to pee (side note- always pee after orgasming because it clears out all your junk and makes you less likely to develope UTIs.  Mind you, I had been given no restrictions at all regarding sexual contact up to this point.  Upon going to pee, I noticed my underwear were bright red and when I wiped, there was a huge clot about the size of my hand. And the toilet was tinged with bright red blood.  I went in to panic mode, I had no cramping, no back pain, nothing, but there was so much blood.... I was sure I was beginning to miscarry. 
My first instinct was to take the photo, the second was to pick through the clot (gross, I know) but I wanted to make sure there was no fetal tissue.  There wasn't, so I wiped up, put on new undies and a new pad and headed to the ER.  I had no additional bleeding after passing the clot, but it was too much blood to not follow up on.  At the ER, I was given a pelvic GYN exam which was normal, cervix closed, parts in tact, nothing concerning.  Then I had blood and urine samples taken and was put on an IV drop because I was a little dehydrated. The blood tests was more good news, high HGC levels (134,590.00 at 10w 3d) my RH status was not conflicting with the babies, and there was no indication of infection or distress on the baby. 
Then came the ultrasound which showed my little peanut, measuring out a day earlier than I thought I was, but otherwise, perfect! Strong heart beat (167 BPM), great sac formation etc. they also couldn't see any additional blood or issues with my uterus.  They said that I had a subchorionic hemorrhage and that I passed it so it wasn't anything to worry about, and that to be perfectly safe, they put me on pelvic rest until my next OB apt in 2 weeks.  
The next day, I had my regularly scheduled ultrasound appointment and it showed my happy, healthy baby dancing around, heartbeat of 179, happily sucking on their thumb. 
The moral of the story is, if you're scared, get checked and put your mind at ease, but be aware that sometimes things happen you can't control. 
I was also imparted with a positive statistic that 2/3 bleeds in early pregnancy are not related to miscarriage. 
I seriously thought I lost my baby but my baby is just fine & panicking did me no good, but being proactive and getting checked did!