my boyfriend thinks pleasuring myself is weird

So me and my boyfriend have been going out for just over a year and we have sex almost everyday. I'm 16 (which is legal in the U.K.) and my prom is in 9 days so I've been leaving everything to grow to it's all nice for the day and my boyfriend said he has no problem with that but I don't wanna have sex because I personally don't feel comfortable, anywayyy so today I said can we do it tonight cos I can't wait and I know he's been wanting it. Not having it everyday has made me into this sex addict I swear😂 he was cool and was like can we in Wednesday because I had to go back into school early in the morning and he didn't wanna get up at 7 so I said yeah but about an hour ago which was like half 10 he messaged me saying he had his first wank in ages because he randomly gagging for sex so I was fine with it and then I was like you didn't seem in the mood earlier but you've had a wank? I said I might aswell do it too then seen as he did but I was joking and he was like errr that's weird it's not normal for a girl to do it and I said you only think it's not normal because that's what you've been told. I dunno what to say to him cos I've been pleasuring myself since I was like 9😂