Taking a break from Glow

Kimberly • Mom since 2011. Preemie mom since 2015. Married. I love my lil family
Hey ladies!! Hope all is well!! 
The pain of my miscarriage on Christmas is getting better, but it hasn't all gone away. 
I decided that I would take some time off glow for a bit. Not paying attention to the app, fertile days, temp, cervical fluid, no ovulation tests, not even entering when we're having sex, just enjoying the deed and the lack of stress. 
I wanted to let everyone know I want to be here for you, so I will still try to reply when I can (I got the new iPhone 6 plus and it has been EATING through data & I don't have wifi, so I'm trying to not be online constantly), but if anyone wants to text, or something, I can arrange that. 
Hope everyone in the group is doing well. I miss talking to you ladies!! 
Sending love and baby dust your way! 
So remember me by this lovely picture of my weirdo. 
Remember to hang on when life is hard!!