Am I over thinking this...? what should I do?

So, this entire month I've been having dull like cramps off and on and a pressure feeling in my lower stomach for a little while then the pressure part went away and still on and off again dull cramps... I took a pregnancy test about a 1-1/2 or 2 weeks ago and it came out negative.  👎🏼 However lately I've been extremely emotional and I still have the dull like cramps off and on and now I will feel like a flutter like feeling for a sec or two and then it goes away and comes back again throughout the day... I've also had dull headaches outta no where. Idk what to think... my period is suppose to start sometime this week so idk it just could be that maybe? Any ideas? I wanna re-test so bad but I just don't wanna be disappointed again... and wait the money and test... especially when I know my period is suppose to start. What should I do?