parenting rant!!

Jordan • First time mom❤️ army wife 😍
I dont like to be the type of person who judges other peoples parenting styles, but in my opinion my cousin is a bad mom.  Don't get me wrong she loves her kids but it's the things she does that I don't agree with.    
She has 4 boys.  The oldest is 13 and the youngest is 4.  The the boys are pretty close in age.    She has her priorities all wrong.   For the most part your life needs to be revolved around your kids. You want them to have the best life they can.  She buys them things like toys or games but dosent want to spend money on keeping groceries in the house.  My other cousin went over on Day around 3pm and brought food for her self. She wanted to stop by to see the boys and found that they were starving because they haven't eaten anything all day and there mom was asleep.   My cousin looked around the kitchen for something to feed the kids and it was empty.  She ended up giving them her food but it wasn't enough to feed 4 kids. This wasn't the first time this had happened either.   She would spend the little money the get on stupid things like a 55in 3D tv, Xbox + games, guitars for her husband and toys for the kids.   Her house is disgusting you walk into her house and there is crap everywhere. When she does feed her kids they leave there food on the floor, spill there drinks, plus toys and clothes every where.  I can't walk into her house without gagging.   She started to give her kids soda before they even turned one!! I can't stand it.  I can't say anything to her because it's not my place and if she dosent listen to her mom then I doubt she would listen to me.   I was so tempted to call cps but I know my family would never forgive me if I did.       I had to just cut myself out of there lives because I couldn't stand the way she treats her kids.       It kills me but idk what do do!!     
 Rant over.!!