ungrateful SO 😑

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My SO hasn't had a job in almost 2months and I helped him get a job as a Roofer for the meantime. And let me tell you, he is so use to working Night shifts and the day FINALLY comes for him to start working and He bitches at me about it. Its MY fault he has to work he said. And he is Pissed at me because I'm not offering for him to stay home and sleep more. Because I Drop him off since he doesn't have a car to drive. This was ALWAYS his excuse at the other two jobs he has had since I've been with him. And at those two jobs, he has been fired because of his attendance. And one of those jobs was another job I helped him get! I asked my father to give him a job. So this "Im tired. One day won't hurt. You act like I'm going to keep on doing Β it?" Speech has been heard several times and I've had Enough of it and finally stood my ground once again. So I drop him off and he just walks away from my car.. Seriously. Tell me I'm not wrong here ?! Its a JOB. Not a damn school that you should be missing just because you're tired. People go to work sick ! Why because, it's a responsibility to hold. Im so irritated. I dont know when he will realize I'm not the bad guy here and he needs to grow up and realize bitching about working in general isn't going to help. I told him I'm not taking him anywhere anymore since he was legit Yelling at me about this