I was ghosted! 😩

I met a man on Bumble about three months ago. We used to text and Snapchat every single day. I would wake up in the morning to cute texts telling me good morning and how beautiful I was. 
We met up  a few times for dinner. I thought we had such a great connection. Our conversations weren't forced, they just came naturally. The last time we met up, we had sex, multiple times. And I had absolutely no complaints about the sex, as I thought it was really good. He didn't seem to have any complaints either. So the few days after we met, we kept texting and everything just like we had been, and out of nowhere on Friday night he stopped texting me. I just let him do his thing because I don't like to be that girl that blows a mans phone up. 
I texted him once on Saturday night and still no response. 
He's ignoring my snapchats and not resresponding to any of my texts, which is so frustrating. It's now Tuesday and still no answer back. 
I get the hint, I'm just so frustrated. 
So my question is... do y'all think I did something wrong, or did he just lose interest. 
I think that I would've at least deserved a "hey I'm not interested" text. But instead I was completely ghosted. 
Has this ever happened to anyone?