Long Distance Relationship Trouble

I really miss my boyfriend of 9 months. We've known each other longer, but our entire romantic relationship has been long distance. I'm in New York and he's in Georgia. Hisfamily talks about visiting sometimes, but it's always canceled and I miss him now. I miss him soo much that sometimes it hurts a little bit and I find myself getting upset and wanting to cry when I see other people together? He doesn't know how I really feel because I blow it off so I don't stress him out or make him feel guilty. I really adore this boy, he's sweet, genuine, understanding and a gentleman and everything that I should've asked in a boy sooner. And I miss that smile and that laugh, he HATES video chatting, so I never get to see his face. it makes me sad. What should I do? Should I talk to him about it to see if it makes me feel better? I feel like I'd be selfish if I do.