being a step parent

Catrina • I'm 22 years old and currently in a relationship for 3 years with my first baby 👶🏽 I love you Jace Alexander Jackson!
This is my amazing little girl! She's not blood but she's my girl both mom and dad are there but at 4 years old this little girl became my friend! It's been hard to learn to be a mom without actually having a child. Not everything comes easily when you don't carry them for 9 months. I'm getting ready to be a first time mom but this little girl has shown me  how to be a great mom already! 3 years of endless friendship! She chose to love me and I chose to love her!  I couldn't ask for a better little girl to be my friend and a better little girl to be a big sister in just a few weeks ❤️ I love you baby girl!