TMI!!!Should i be concerned?

DH and I have been trying to conceive for the past 2 years...i have tried everything (natural)i have tried

Teas,and once tried meta.(the doc had told me my hormones were just imbalanced and my iron was just abnormally high)...i later went to another doc who did a scan and told me i had cysts and most probably suffer from PCOS...

This cycle i tried juicing (beetroot ginger and apples)it actually helped as i noticed a change in my discharge @cd14-15 (watery)which has not happened in years...

On cd25,(as shown in pic)after BD i moved to lay down and out with the BD "discharge"spill i had spotting which landed on the bed...(this has never ever happened before and i dont know what to think of it.. should i be worried..(was not rough)

The following day...from the afternoon to the next day i experienced cramps and lower backache as though AF was here but it wasnt and it didn't come...(also it seemed abit early for it)

Im now on cd29 and still no AF..

Any ideas