Exercise and Diet while TTC

I'm on my 4th month of TTC....I've done some of the necessary changes to my diet.....and by some I mean I cut caffeine completely and alcohol(for the most part on the alcohol.....I drank a lot after I got my AF this past cycle, but I'm currently in my fertile days so I stopped. But before this past cycle I haven't drank in months) 
My food diet is TERRIBLE....like I'm a nacho and pizza kinda girl. Some days I just cheese and crackers.....like worst diet EVER! 
Today, I'm attempting to diet correctly and eat the right foods and what not. I do intake a ton a water and I take vitamins and fertilty supplements....but food wise....I'm the worse. It's been a rough winter here in northern maine too so I don't get out much in the winter months....I just occasionally do a living room workout type thing. 
Anywho!!!!! My question is has anybody who was having trouble Ttc did a diet and exercise change to their lifestyle and conceived???