My birth story

My birth story is kinda long, so bare with me. When I was 38 weeks and 3 days pregnant, my husband and I had a couple friends over for a cookout because we hadn't seen them in quite awhile. This was a Saturday. They took forever to get to our house, so we ate some popcorn in the meantime because we were starving. Anyway, when they finally got to our house, we ate supper and all I had was like half of a hotdog and then I started feeling really bad. I started throwing up and I was having severe pain in my upper right side. At first I just thought it was gas, I mean, that happened quite often. I laid on my left side on the bathroom floor trying to see if that would help me pass gas, didn't help. I had some diarrhea as well. The pain was becoming excruciating, so I took my clothes off, plugged the tub, and laid down to see if the hot water would help, it didn't. My husband took me to the ER, and the hospital didn't even ask why I was there as I was so far in my pregnancy, so I ended up being sent straight to labor and delivery. They told me to strip down and put on a gown so that they could check my cervix and I had to do a urine test. I was still 1cm dilates which is what I had been at for weeks. The on call OB said that my issue was not labor and delivery relates so they sent me back to the ER, but they told us to go to a different hospital because their ER was full. We went to a different hospital and they decided that I needed to be admitted, but their hospital doesn't have any rooms to admit people, they are just strictly an ER, so they sent me back to the hospital that I just came from and I ended up right back in labor and delivery. The doctor couldn't figure out what was wrong with me and he decided to just try and manage my pain with some morphine which didn't work, so he tried vicodin, which also didn't work. My OB was the doctor on call the next day, so she was able to try a few more things. She ended up saying that she believed that it was my gallbladder, but they were unable to do the hydascan because I was pregnant, so she was stuck on what to do. She tried a few more things, but nothing was working. And the only pain medicine that helped even a little bit was nubain. Fast forward a little bit to when I was 38 weeks and 5 days which was a Monday. My OB decided to start my induction that evening. She started with cervadil and then went to some other kind of thing for my cervix, but it was a little pill that was broken into 4 different pieces. When I finally got to 4cm dilated, I was able to stop having things inserted into my vagina to dilate and soften my cervix, which didn't happen until I was 38 weeks and 6 days which was a Tuesday. I was started on pitocin that evening, but just a very minimal dose and I was on that until 6am the next morning which was when I was 39 weeks exact and it was a Wednesday. At 6am they upped the dosage of pitocin which made my contractions extremely painful. The anesthesiologist came in just before 7pm and started my epidural and then just before 8 my doctor came in and broke my water. After that, my nurse came in and put a peanut ball between my legs and put me on my side for awhile to help open up my pelvis and help my baby drop further into the birth canal and I was like that for an hour until she came over and had me switch sides and then I was on the other side for awhile and was able to sleep for a good couple of hours. The nurse came in just after 11 to check mg cervix and I was 10cm dilated. The look on the nurse's face was priceless! She was like, "are you ready to have this baby!?" And I was like "what!?". I had to have my mom wake my husband up because my husband was passed out on the couch lol. He woke up and brushed his teeth, did his hair, put cologne on, etc. I'm surprised he even made it to help with the whole process because he was making himself look nice lol. I pushed for 20-30 minuter before out beautiful baby girl was born. She was born at 11:56am on June 14th weighing 7lbs even and measuring 19 3/4 inches long with a head circumference of 13.5in. When my OB walked in, one of her nurses was trying to break down the bead to put my feet in the stirrups, but my doctor yelled at her and told her that there was no time because the baby was coming NOW! It was crazy how fast things progressed and how quickly I went from pushing to having my little girl in my arms. So, that is my birth story. My baby girl's name is Abigail Raelyn Gomez and my husband and I are so happy that she's here!:)