Anybody else's husband think they deserve a medal?

For doing ONE day of your job as a SAHM? Baby and I had nooo sleep last night thanks to teething, so we spent most of today (Sunday) sleeping on and off on the couch. Hubby cleaned up the kitchen for me and cooked lunch and dinner (just making another mess at dinnertime for me to clean up tomorrow). He bought me some comfort food and did a load of washing - his work clothes for the week. So really he didn't even do one full day of my job as a stay at home mum because I still had the baby in my arms all day and he did maybe 2 or 3 out of probably a dozen chores I do each day. Still, I was very grateful that he did a few things that meant I didn't have to do them so I could nap. I said thank you half a dozen times whenever he did something helpful and told him how much I love and appreciate him. It comes to the end of the day and he's wanting sex now. The moment the baby is asleep he's trying to get all over me and all I want is five minutes without contact with someone else! Preferable to take a shower. So I told him wait for bedtime and went for a shower. Got out the shower and he's getting frustrated with baby because she's awake and crying again (any other mums out there who feel justified in their frustration when they spend 24 hours with baby and get no sleep but when well slept hubby gets frustrated after ten minutes you want to punch him?) So I took baby and now Hubby's gone off to bed in a huff like he's so unappreciated and I'm still here trying to get baby back to sleep. Needless to say he's not getting laid tonight, but I think he's given up anyway lol. But seriously, wtf! I made sure I told him I appreciated it all, but seriously, why the fuck should I have to? It's not like he gets home every day and kisses MY feet for cleaning the house, looking after the baby and preparing meals. Just because he did a few things once in a blue moon doesn't mean he actually hung the fucking moon. Grrrrrr!!!! 😡