Is he trying to cheat?

Well i was going thru my husband's phone found a few conversations with his guy friends talking about other women how hot they r and how he dreamt abt an extremely hot girl. Him sending photos of girls to his friends and talking abt how pretty and hot she is. Knowing that am 9 months pregnant and gonna deliver my baby girl in these few more weeks i have no self confidence what's so ever. Am not in shape i have scratches am not taking care of myself am only focusing on delivering my baby safely and preparing to welcome her to the world. I got hurt reading all these stuff because we recently got married and we are both young. Am 23 and he is 25 but we got married based on our love and commiting to each other. I don't want to reach a point where i dnt trust him anymore and he is not the type to hv a conversation with. Frankly am scared of reaching a point where he cheats bcz i wldnt b able to forgive him bcz of my past relationship its a big no no for me and i cannot accept it. What should i do and how can i reach out to him and talk about it bcz i dnt want to turn into this psycho and doubtful wife who is annoying all the time. Help!!