Please send positive baby vibes my way!!


Hi Ladies, so my Fiancé and I are really starting to get discouraged and frustrated. I know that everyones journey in conceiving is different. I also know that there are couples out there that have been trying a lot longer and I feel for them completely. We are on our 11month trying. I have been to a fertility doctor and everything is working normal (no barriers). We are both healthy. My Fiancé is getting his "swimmers" check next friday to be sure everything is good with him. I am trying really hard to remain positive and optimistic but its taking its toll. We have had. Few months where I was 8-5 days late and we could not contain our excitement then bam my AF shows! So disappointing. We are using an ovulation kit this month because we dont want to miss. Please please please, I pray every day. Send positive vibes out way. We would love nothing more than to be blessed with a baby. Thanks for listening. Sending positive vibes to everyone else. Stay strong! ❤️