Size does not determine if you're a woman.


I've seen this floating around a lot more recently. Was even tagged on it for the other persons s**** and giggles. I just need to rant and converse about it here.

Yes this offends me, yes it bothers me, just because I am a 000 (and ANYONE else that is very petite!!) does NOT make us less of a woman or a make us a child.

I absolutely understand empowering other body types, all body types, heck I'm ALL for it BUT this isn't the way to do it. Do not bring down someone else's body type to bring up your own.

Everyone is beautiful the way they are, no one is less of a woman because of their size.

Love yourself folks, your size doesn't define you.

Rant over. ALSO I am very sorry if my wording is crap. I am typing this while sleep deprived and pissed off. It is very simply meant to acknowledge that size doesn't define jack s***.

Have a lovely night/day ladies.